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by Skeletal System Diseases on January 15, 2013

What exactly is Spina Bifida?

Spina Bifida is regarded as the common permanently disabling delivery defect within the United States.

What Does Spina Bifida Mean?

Spina Bifida practically signifies “divide spine.” Spina Bifida happens whenever a baby is within the womb and the spinal column does not close all of the way. Every day, regarding eight kids produced within the United States have Spina Bifida or perhaps a equivalent birth defect of the brain as well as spine.

Just what causes Spina Bifida?

No one has knowledge in for sure. Researchers think that genetic and also ecological factors operate together to result in the situation.

Precisely what tend to be the various kinds of Spina Bifida?

Occult Spinal Dysraphism (OSD)

Babies with this have a dimple within their lower back. Due to the fact most kids with dimples will not have OSD, a doctor possess to check making use of specialized tools as well as tests to be sure. Various other signs tend to be reddish marks, hyperpigmented spots regarding the rear end, tufts of hair or little lumps. In OSD, the spinal cord may not grow suitable way and also might cause serious issues because a kid gets upwards. Babies who might have OSD needs to be observed from a doctor, whom can suggest tests.

Spina Bifida Occulta

It is often labeled as “concealed Spina Bifida” due to the fact regarding fifteen per cent of healthy individuals have it and also will not understand it. Spina Bifida Occulta generally does not result in damage, and also has no plain signs. The spinal cord as well as self-control are fine. People discover away the couple have it after having a particular X-ray of their backside. It is considered an incidental finding mainly because X-Ray is usually done for other causes. However, within a little group of individuals with SBO, pain as well as neurological signs or symptoms may occur. Tethered cord can be an insidious complication that requires investigation by a neurosurgeon.


A meningocele causes part of the spinal cord to come right through the back similar to a sac which is forced out. Nerve fluid is within the sac, as well as there is normally no nerve damage. People with this particular condition could have minor disabilities.

Myelomeningocele (Meningomyelocele), also known as Spina Bifida Cystica

This is certainly the quintessential severe form of Spina Bifida. It takes place when elements of the spinal cord and nerves come right through the open element of the back. It causes nerve damage and various other disabilities. Seventy to ninety per cent of kids with this condition have too a lot liquid in their minds. The happens because material which protects the brain as well as spinal cord is unable to drain such as it should. The fluid accumulates, causing pressure level and inflammation. Without treatment, a a persons head grows too big, as well as might have mind damage. Kids which dont have Spina Bifida can additionally have this issue, hence mom and dad have to check having a doctor.

How is Spina Bifida Addressed?

A kid with Meningomyelocele normally is managed upon within 2 to three days of birth. This excellent stops infections and also may help salvage the spinal cord from even more damage.

A kid with Meningocele usually has got it managed with surgical treatment, and much more often than not, the kid is certainly not paralyzed. A large number of children with this particular condition grow up fine, even so they needs to be checked by a doctor because they are able to have different serious difficulties, too.

A child with OSD should see a physician. A large number of specialists think that surgery is needed early to keep nerves and also the brain from becoming more damaged as the kid grows.
Spina Bifida Occulta typically does not have to be treated. ‘

Precisely what are you able to do in order to prevent Spina Bifida?

Ladies who happen to be old enough to have babies must take folic acid before as well as for the duration of the very first 3 months of maternity. Because one half of the pregnancies within the United Claims are really unplanned, the Spina Bifida Organization asks women to take a vitamin with 400 mcg (0.4 mg) of folic acidity each day for the duration of the many years of their lives while they are potentially able to have children.
Females that have a child or sibling with Spina Bifida, have obtained a particular impacted pregnancy or have Spina Bifida themselves should take four thousand mcg (four.0 mg) of folic acid for one to three weeks right before and during the initial three months of being pregnant.

Just what is folic acid?

Folic acid is a vitamin that the body requirements to grow and feel healthy. It is available in many foods, but the man-made or synthetic form in tablets is better assimilated by the entire body.

Exactly what conditions are connected with Spina Bifida?

Kids and youngsters with Spina Bifida can have psychological and personal problems. They also can have issues with walking and getting around or perhaps going to the bath room, latex allergy, obesity, epidermis breakdown, gastrointestinal disorders, discovering disabilities, depression, tendonitis and also sexual issues.

Exactly what tangible restrictions exist?

Those that have Spina Bifida needs to learn exactly how to get around by themselves without assist, with the help of things such as crutches, braces or perhaps wheelchairs. With help, it also can be done for kids to learn how to visit the bathroom by themselves. Doctors, nurses, teachers as well as parents must know what a child can as well as are unable to accomlish this they may be able assist the kid (in the restrictions of your safety and also health) feel separate, portray with kids that are not disabled as well as to take care of him or herself.

Can Spina Bifida be detected right before birth?

Yes. Indeed there are really 3 tests*.

A bloodstream test for the duration of the 16th to 18th months of maternity. This really is known as the alpha-fetoprotein (AFP screening test). The test is higher up in regarding 75-80 % of females who possess a fetus with Spina Bifida.

An ultrasound of the fetus. This is certainly also known as a sonogram as well as can tv show signs of Spina Bifida like the open back.

A test in which a little amount of the substance from the womb is taken right through a slim needle. This might be labeled as maternal amniocentesis and can be used to examine necessary protein levels.
*Parents need to know that no medical test is ideal, that tests tend to be not always correct.

Can kids with Spina Bifida grow up and also live whole lives?

Absolutely. With assist, kids with Spina Bifida can lead full lives. Most do well in school, and many play in sports. Because of today s prescription medicine, about 90 per cent of kids born with Spina Bifida now alive to be adults, regarding 80 per cent have common intelligence as well as about 75 % play athletics as well as do various other fun events.

Exactly how is Spina Bifida managed?

As type as well as degree of severity differ among those that have Spina Bifida, each individual together with the condition faces different challenges as well as might require different treatments.
The best method to handle Spina Bifida is with a group approach. Employees of the squad might include neurosurgeons, urologists, orthopedists, tangible and occupational practitioners, orthotists, psychologists as well as healthcare social workers.

This post does not constitute healthcare guidance for any sort of individual. Because specific situations may differ from the general information presented here, SBA advises readers to consult a qualified healthcare or various other professional on top of a particular individual basis.


Other Skeletal System Diseases

by Skeletal System Diseases on August 19, 2012

Skeletal Diseases and Disorders

There are many disedases of the skeletal system and. You might think most of them would be similar but they are quite unique
in many ways. Here are just a few of the diseass that can be found in the skeletal system.

1. Leukemia
You might think of leukemia as a blood cell disease and therefore you think of blood when you think of leukemia.
However, the disease begins in the sleletal system. This disease weakens those who have it by not allowing the body to
defend itself against germs and disease. Sometimes replacement of bad blood with healthy blood can help this disease go
into remission. There are many approaches to fighting this life altering disease.

2. Scoliosis
There are multiple diseases related to the curving of the spine which is part of the sleletal system. One is Scoliosis.
Sometimes this disease can be inherited but it can also develop when individuals get muscular diseases. As the muscles
weaken and put more pressure on the skeleal sysem to carry the body weight, the spine become increasingly curved.
Some other spinal curving diseases are hyperlordosis and kyphosis.

3. Osteoporosis
Osteoporosis is a skeletal system disease. The bone tissue does not continue to regenerate itself in a helahty manner and
becomes dry and brittle. Often senior citizens are diagnosed with this disease. This explains the higher number of broken
bones in the elderly population than younger individuals. You can find other skeletal bone diseases here

4. Arthritis
There are many types of arthritis but they all are connected to the sleletal system. This disease affects joints in the body.
The joints are surrounded by fluid which causes pressure and pain in the joints for the people with the disese. This can
hamper people from performing daily tasks with their hands, knees, hips, and wrists due to the pain the joints produce
when used to complete a task. There re many medications that can help reduce the swelling and pressure on the joints.
Some arthritis is inherited and some peole even experience it while they are young childen.

5. Rickets
Rickets is a childrens disease where vitamin D is not provided in their daily nutrients or lifestyle and therefore the bone is
not developing correctly. Rickets occurs when the bones do not mineralize correctly due to the lack of vitamin D. There is
a form of this disease in adults called osteomelatia. Adding vitamin D to the person’s daily lifestyle will help improve this
skeletal system disease.

There are manymore diseases involving the skeletal system that we do not have room to mention in this article. As with
other parts of the body there are forms of bone cancer.

It is important to keep the 206 bones of the skeletal system healthy in your body through proper exercise, nutrition, and
rest. Sitting and standing with proper posture will also help keep youre bones developing in a healthy manner. Wearing
good arch support shoes will also help preent from back pain, foot pain, and future skeletal problems.
Obesity is a current lifestyle issue which affects the developmentof the skeletal system for those over weight. Even though
the weiht is not in the bones, it causes a great amont of wear and tear on the cartilege.


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